AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure that you understand our contract of engagement.  By paying us (AMPED) your deposit, we understand that you have read and accepted the following conditions.


  • For bookings from Australia clients, we require an AUD $1500 per person or AUD $3000 per family deposit to start processing your booking
  • For bookings from New Zealand clients, we require an NZD $1500 per person or NZD $3000 per family deposit to start processing your booking
  • Confirmation should be sent within 3-5 working days of receipt of your deposit.
  • All our quotes are based on cheque payment unless stated otherwise. If you wish to pay by credit card, please check with us first, as payment on Credit Card will incur a surcharge of 2.5% Visa/Mastercard & 3% Amex.
  • Please note that a receipt will not be issued unless otherwise requested.
  • Airfares are generally instant purchase, and collection of these funds are additional to the above deposit due to secure your land arrangements.  We will advise you at the time of booking the additional payments required so we can book and ticket your flights, and secure the airfares.  Until booked and ticketed, airfare prices are subject to price increase without warning, and this is out of the companies control.
  • We require your passport copy and signed terms and conditions form at the time of booking and flight ticketing.

A Deposit is required when you would like us to go ahead with your booking. Certain suppliers may also require an additional deposit or booking fee before they will accept the Booking request; we will advise when this happens.

Airlines will require also full payment for flights to secure those being held, and they will be in addition to the below. Until ticketed, airfares are subject to airline cancellation and increase, this is out of our control. Please ensure you send us your passport also at the time off booking and when making your deposits.

Your booking deposit is non-refundable.  Changing your mind that you no longer wish to travel is not a viable reason for a refund of your deposits, and all payments will remain non-refundable. By making your deposit to AMPED, it is agreed that you have read and understood our terms and conditions in full, and agree to abide by these terms at all times. You are required to send us a signed and completed copy of your terms and condition form at the time of booking and paying your deposit and/or airfares. Failure to do so will not exempt you from any part of the enclosed terms and conditions.

Please note that your booking is still totally subject to currency fluctuations and changes, and this regrettably is out of AMPED’s control. So, until your travel package is fully paid, you are NOT safe guarded against surcharges due to currency decline.

• Full payment is due 90 days prior to your departure please
• All Cheques to be made payable to AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd.  Cash handing fees from bank will be incurred if paying by cash.
• We require a direct bank transfer if paying within 2 weeks of departure date
• Late payment fee: $150.00 per booking• Full payments are non-refundable once paid

*Please CALL us on the day you plan to make your final payment, as we will need to recalculate your package on that day to reflect the current exchange rates*

PAYMENTS BY CREDIT CARD. AMPED acts as a travel agent on behalf of its principals and suppliers (refer to “Responsibilities” section). If paying for your holiday with your credit card, once AMPED has forwarded your funds on your behalf to the principal(s), your contract is with the principal(s).

Should there be financial collapse of an airline or principal/supplier, your remedy for getting a refund on funds paid to them lies between you and the principal. By paying us your deposit on your credit card, you agree not to reverse your credit card charge at any time, which would leave AMPED carrying the financial loss, and agree that AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd are able to claim full court costs and legal fees from you (the client), should you reverse your credit card payment at any time. Once your credit card charge has been transacted by AMPED. the funds are unequivocally authorized to AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd, and unable to be taken back for any reason.

The customer is liable to any credit card fees that may apply, and the company will bill these at the time of credit card charge for their holiday arrangements, and for each individual transaction.

By paying AMPED any funds, whether it be a deposit, airfare payment, or full and final payment, this is confirmation that you have read, understood, and accepted AMPED’s terms and conditions of booking. For your reference the most up to date copy of the companies booking policies is found on our website https://www.amped.co.nz/about/terms-conditions. Whilst we send you also a copy of our terms and conditions as part of our booking form, which you are required to complete and return at the time off booking. We will from time to time update our policy wording, and you are bound by that which is stated on our website, and available to you, the customer, anytime for reference.

Failure to complete and forward back our terms and conditions form will result in AMPED being unable to send out your travel document, and we will bear no responsibility for any loses in these circumstances. It is your responsibility to get these to us, and in a timely manner as stated, at the time of booking. Furthermore, we are unable to issue your airlines tickets until we have copies of everyone’s passports.

1. An amendment fee of $100 per person will apply to all changes and alterations made by customers to their travel arrangements with AMPED. This fee can be charged multiple times, and applicable to any change made during a customer’s booking process, and pre or post confirmation of their travel arrangements.

2. In addition to AMPED’s change fees, the customer will also be required to pay any fees or costs that airline consolidators, operators, suppliers or airlines impose at the time of amendment/change.

All fees are required to be paid at the time of amendment, and subject to credit card surcharges as usual. Amendment fees are non-refundable and non-transferable at any time.

In the event you need to cancel your Holiday Arrangements we request you advise us in writing, immediately. You must also call us to follow up on your cancellation request to ensure we have received it.

1. Cancellation of Travel Arrangements 61 or more days prior to departure incurs a fee of $1500 per person AMPED fee, plus any fees or loses incurred by the company on booked or proposed Airline, Consolidator or Operator arrangements, and this includes any losses on agency commissions, foreign exchange payments and FX rate changes which incur in losses when getting money back from suppliers at any time. These fees combined between AMPED and the supplier/s may be as high as a 100% cancellation fee, which AMPED have the right to charge and retain, without contest.

2. Cancellations made within 60 days of departure will incur, and will be applied on top of those stated above in point 1, a further $500 per person AMPED cancellation fee, retainment of all agency commissions either due or already paid, credit card fees, agency booking and/or miscellaneous fees, plus any additional fees or loses incurred by the company on booked or proposed airline, consolidator and/or supplier arrangements. These fees combined may be as high as a 100% cancellation fee, and at the discretion of the agency.

3. Should your Ski Racer Placement/s on the Aylwin Alpine Academy Camp or any other ski/snowboarding training trip for any reason be cancelled, you are advised that all bookings and payments are totally non-refundable, non-transferrable, and no refund is due back at any time.

Please ensure you are covered by a valid Travel Insurance policy at the time of booking, as this may give you a course of recall on cancellation and agency fees that you occur in times of cancellation.

The company is not responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of force majeure. This refers to global or national events and crisis caused by such events as acts of god, bad weather, earth quake, volcanic eruption or activity, fire, typhoon, cyclone, hurricane, flooding, tsunami/tidal wave, terrorism attacks, pandemics, epidemic, country border restrictions or closed/closing, government intervention, global and/or national financial crisis, lightning, explosions, riots, war, injury, ski or holiday resort closures, and any form of personal damage or hurt.

AMPED as an agency has the right to charge the above cancellation and amendment fees at any time, to include when a client cancels, or is forced to cancel (i.e. cannot travel) their travel arrangements, even during times out of their control and caused by events such as terrorism attacks, pandemics, epidemic, country borders closing, supplier or airline defaults, illness, times of financial crisis or difficulty, or any other event or circumstance that prevents a customer from taking their holiday, once booked and confirmed, and/or when money has been deposited into the companies account, with the intention of booking. It is the companies right also in these times that AMPED can hold all money paid by a customer, and only offer an option for customers to transfer remaining parts of those funds, once cancellation or amendment fees have been taken out, into a travel credit to be held with the company, with the requirement to be used within 12 months from their original travel date, as a suitable alternative than the company being required to pay out any refund. This clause is at the discretion of AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd and hold the right to charge a re-establishment fee of $500 per person in doing so. When a credit is on offer the company will send out as part of the credit arrangement, terms and conditions specific to the money being held in credit, at the time. Once a credit has been arranged with the customer, this becomes fully non-refundable, and only available to be used towards an airfare and full land package booked through AMPED, or a similar holiday package to that which the credit came from originally. In the event whereby a customer holds money in credit from an air and land package, and ask to use the credit on an airfare only booking, this would not be deemed as a suitable ‘similar holiday package’ booking and the request would be denied by the company. Credits are non-interest bearing to the customer.

There is no recourse for a customer in these situations, and the company always have the right to charge amendment and cancellation fees, as stated, and without notice.

If the case where a refund is due, this will only be available to the customer after AMPED have receive the monies back from the airline/supplier involved. The company will only pay one refund payment, not a multiple of several as money comes back to the company.

If you require more information about these fees, please do not hesitate to ask us. All fees are required to be pay at the time of amendment, and subject to credit card surcharges as usual.

Should you change your mind about your travel arrangements at any time, this is not a reason for refund, and normal cancellation fees/policies above apply. Should there be fees involved, which include legal fees incurred on AMPED in the efforts to obtain all moneys due by clients on their committed travel plans, as per your confirmation letter, then AMPED reserve the right to apply through the courts for all outstanding monies, as well as the reimbursement of all costs and losses incurred on to the company, during the process of doing so.

RESPONSIBILITIES: AMPED is a Travel Agent and in that capacity, we offer for sale to your various products and/or services. This is on behalf of airlines, Transport Operators, accommodation providers and all other principal suppliers. These are referred to throughout as “the Principal(s)”.

Our services consist of arranging and coordinating the services offered by the Principals. We are instrumental in bringing about a direct contractual relationship between you, the customer, and the principal. We undertake to perform these services with reasonable care and skill, but we cannot, and do not, guarantee the performance of the functions offered by the Principals. We will not be liable if you, the customer, suffer loss, injury or disappointment by reason of any acts or failing of any Principal. By signing this document, you agree not to take any action against AMPED for the collapse of any Principal or their failure to provide a service, under any circumstance. In any such case your remedy will lie with the Principal.

Note: While we make every effort to sell only products, we have personally experienced and can recommend, we accept no liability for any acts or failures of these products. You should be aware that the brochures we supply to you and the information on our website are supplied to us by the Principals. The statements and representations contained in such information are not ours but are made by the Principals. We accept no liability for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations contained in such information, or by the Principals’ documentation. By signing below, you agree to above conditions.

Please ensure you have checked the above flight schedule, and all connecting flight times and feel comfortable with what has been arranged. Whilst we only sell our clients onto flights that are within the Airlines minimum connecting times, some clients prefer to allow more time between connections. If this is the case for you, then please ensure you let us know immediately. Change fees/airline reissue fees will be at your cost once we have issued your airline tickets.

If you are holding air tickets which have been purchased separately from one another, then you will be required to re-check your bags at each arrival point of your flight journey as there is no through checking allowed by the airlines. You will need to ensure that you leave extra time between flights to allow for the necessary airline check-in procedures and would suggest that you speak to the airlines involved for more information pertaining to your circumstances.

On occasion the airlines schedule change their flights, which is outside of our control. Should an airline change, you are bound by the airlines change and cancellation policies, and AMPED also have the right to charge our own cancellation and amendment fees, as stated above.

CHANGING HOLIDAY PACKAGE TO AIR ONLY: At any point in time whereby we have quoted you airfares, it is understood that you will take these as part of a holiday package, which includes accommodation, transfers and lift passes. If at any time you decide not to proceed with booking a holiday package through AMPED, then a $60 per person surcharge will be incurred, and you will be required to pay this in addition to the airfares quoted to you at any point in time. AMPED is a Travel Agent specializing in ski holiday packages, and therefore quote competitive airfares on the understanding that these will be purchased as part of a holiday bundle.

VISA/PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS: It is a passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they hold all the relevant documentation required for their journey, to include re-entry permits. Whilst AMPED can advise clients when asked in regard to the required visas and passport validities, AMPED are not a consulate. Customers must therefore always seek independent advice around this subject, and therefore agree that AMPED will not be held responsible in anyway should they (the customer) not be holding the right documentation for their travels. Any queries, please contact the relevant consulate directly for information.

1. You MUST have a machine-readable NZ passport.
2. You DO NOT require 6 months validity in your NZ Passport for travel to USA/Canada/Japan – BUT it must be valid for the entire duration of your holiday and your return home. AMPED however suggests you have a minimum of 1-month validity to avoid any delays or hold ups at the airport. You are responsible for your passport requirements and we suggest you check the relevant consulate guidelines to confirm your passport requirements, AMPED will not be responsible should you be denied boarding onto your flights in the cases of an invalid passport.
3. Important: If you have any sort of criminal convictions, regardless of where you are planning to travel to, then you must speak directly with the relevant consulate to determine if or not you can travel into the countries you are planning to visit, and confirm the visa application process and requirements. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they hold all the relevant entry/re-entry permits and visas for travel. AMPED will take no responsibility if you are denied entry into a country, or on your visa application. Visas can take months to obtain, please therefore ensure you have all your documentation in place prior to paying your deposits, as deposits are non-refundable.

CANADA Travel or Stopovers: If you are travelling on a New Zealand or Australian passport you do not need a visa for Canada, unless you have special circumstances such as criminal convictions. However Visa-exempt foreign nationals, which includes New Zealand passport holders, are required to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada, starting March 15, 2016, and applications can be made at https://canada.ca/eTA prior to your departure on holiday. Failure to hold an eTA and you will be refused entry into Canada.

If you are a resident of or hold dual Canadian Citizenship, you MUST hold a Canadian Passport to enter into Canada, no exceptions, travelling on your New Zealand passport is now prohibited. This law came into effect on 01 February, and no temporary waivers will be granted. Applications can be made at https://canada.ca/eTA, and we would recommend that you apply at least 2 months prior to your planned departure from New Zealand.

USA Travel or Stopovers: All persons travelling to, or transiting through USA must complete an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation). It is recommended that you apply for ESTA at the time you book your travel, and your application must be completed no less 72 hours prior to departure. Instant approvals are no longer available. Failure to do so may result in being denied boarding at the airport, experience delayed processing or be denied admission to a US port of entry. Please Note: There will be a fee which is paid direct at time of application. Information on this requirement, plus the application form, can be found on the ESTA website: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/

AIRLINE RESCHEDULED FLIGHTS: We are not an Airline and can’t take responsibility for airline flight reschedules, or any disruption or additional costs you may incur as a result. AMPED reserve the right to charge amendment and cancellation fees, regardless of the cause being an airline reschedule or flight disruption. Customers may be covered by Travel Insurance and you are advised to call your insurance company immediately to discuss your options and ability to claim.

UNUSED SERVICES: If you are unable to complete or use all your pre-paid services due to bad weather, travel delays or illness or any unforeseen event, you must obtain written advice from the Principal. No refunds will be given unless you have arranged written consent from the Principals. You can then make a claim on your travel insurance.

AIRLINE FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM: Please advise us of any airline membership numbers prior to travel. You must retain all boarding passes and copies of tickets to claim any points no credited to account. AMPED are not responsible should your mileage not be automatically credited, this is between you and the airline/s.

KORU MEMBER PRIVILEGES: It is important to note that Koru members privileges come with restrictions, and customers are advised to talk directly with Air New Zealand to understand these fully, especially when there are partner airline flights that are not owned or operated by Air New Zealand. Please therefore refer to https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/koru-benefits for full disclosure of Koru membership policies. Extra membership and baggage privileges are only valid on-Air New Zealand owned, operated and ticketed flights, and where your fare includes a checked bag. Furthermore, Air New Zealand baggage rules apply.

SKYCOUCH: Any changes on a flight which have a skycouch product attached, can result in the skycouch being lost off your booking, and this is an issue with the airline, not AMPED. Once ticketed and skycouch being purchased, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that their skycouch product is still intact. Or, contact the airline to check on the status of this product for reassurance when travelling. AMPED will do everything it can to ensure that your booking is not disrupted, however once you have started travelling, it is particularly important that the customer keeps a close eye on their booking to ensure any change is managed, and the integrity of your booking uncompromised.

IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT: Should you have a complaint, please immediately inform the Principal or AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd, who will do their best to help you while you are away. If, in the unlikely event that you require urgent action, please call us collect. Otherwise, claims must be made in writing within seven days of your return.