Oregon Ski Holidays – Fun Experiences galore!

Oregon State is a place where the people know how to have fun, and where better to do so than in one of Oregon’s beautiful ski resorts. with Oregon’s unique ski areas, and other activities, parties and festivals galore,  Oregon’s ski areas are plenty and packed with fun opportunities to be had.

Getting to Oregon’s ski Fields is quite simple too, a short flight to Bend or Portland from one of the major airports and guests can almost ski on arrival.


The fun packed Mt Hood Meadows is also noted for having some of the best intermediate cruising terrain in the whole of Oregon, with much diversity, a playful attitude to skiing, and wide panoramic views throughout the resort. Mt Hood is sure to be a breath-taking experience for all visitors….. read more>


Mt Bachelor Ski Resort is located on the dry, sheltered, eastern side of Mt Bachelor, and steeped in the traditions and community of Bend, Oregon. The team at Mt Bachelor take pride in their mountain expertise and will add a fun, exhilaration and a friendly feel to your snowy mountain getaway…. read more>