AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd (AMPED The Ski Adventure Travel Specialists) has been formed by an experience, qualified and knowledgeable travel professional who shares the same passion about Skiing, Snowboarding, and Scuba Diving holidays around the world, as those of her customers.

At AMPED we have made it our business to of traveled to the destinations that you yourself have both talked and dreamed about, and have experienced it all first-hand. Therefore offering you, our client, all the tips, tricks, and insider information required to ensure that you only sample: the very best ski resort suited to your individual wants and needs; get the very best deal on that resort selection; and have the most amazing skiing and snowboarding holiday experience one could ever wish for – only to arrive back home fizzing from the whole experience, and dreaming of where your next AMPED holiday adventure will take you!

When booking with AMPED customers are dealing with reputable, and knowledgeable Travel Agency and Owner, who  has been involved in the New Zealand Travel Industry for over 25 years!  AMPED is a fully TAANZ bonded Travel Agency, therefore giving our customers  the reassurance that their funds are protected when booking their travel arrangements through us.

Furthermore, we hold direct relationships with our suppliers of air travel, ski, and snowboarding products, thus giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the products that we sell, and the high value relationships with everyone whom we partner up with. So, whatever the request, we are sure to get our customers what they need and when, with the avoidance of any middleman.

So, no matter what level skier or snowboarder you are AMPED have the perfect holiday location to tick every box on your next skiing and snowboarding holiday wants list!

AMPED are Proud ‘Members’ of  GTN (Global Travel Network), One Of New Zealand’s Largest  Affiliate Associations, and 50% owned by House Of Travel.  AMPED Are also proud members of TAANZ, Travel Agents Association of New Zealand.

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Director | Adventure Travel Specialist

AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd

Street Address: 11c Nimstedt Avenue, Albany, Auckland 0632

Ph: +64 9 479 8929

Toll Free: 0508 4 AMPED

Email: info@amped4ski.co.nz


When dealing with AMPED Ski & Dive Ltd, you are dealing with a company who prides themselves on being ‘the’ SKI and SNOWBOARDING Adventure Travel Specialists. After all, how possibly can you sell something if you don’t know it first hand? So, this is the point of difference when you deal with AMPED, as we have travelled to your dream ‘on snow’ destination, and have tried and tested out all of our recommended products and services before we endorse them to our clients for selection.

Whilst you can search on the Internet and make holiday purchases that way, we wouldn’t recommend this approach on such a high risk, high value item such as a ski holiday. Reason being is that every resort and ski destination has their own unique qualities, some of which may not be entirely suited to your own individual needs.

At AMPED we hereby offer our services, which all derive from personal experiences, with you ‘our valued customer’ to ensure you are selecting the perfect ski resort/s, the very best accommodation and location, acquiring the most competitive prices, and will of course be skiing the best powder and trail option available to you, every time!



AMPED Ski & Dive Ltds core values represent the way we do business, why we are in the business that we are in, and why we are the best at what we do!

The below values are what the AMPED team live by, and therefore all customers and suppliers can expect to be received in the highest regard by any member of our team, at any time.

To have a set standard of core values from inception of the business, these give our team unity, identity and cohesion in everything we do.

To Be Genuine and True:
We will only ever be honest and true to ourselves, each other, and to our clients, as well as to only ever lead by the highest example.

To Go the Extra Mile:

At AMPED we strive for excellence, and are therefore bound by our desire to satisfy, to go beyond the call of duty at all times to ensure every customers experience with us is a positive one.

Customer Value:

We will strive to look for ways to add value for our clients, and always negotiate the best deal available.

To Always Be Straight Up:
We are committed to being open and honest with our clients, business partners and other team members: we have nothing to hide. At AMPED we are trustworthy.

A Cohesive Team is King:
As the old saying goes ‘There is no I in Team’. Therefore, at AMPED we will strive to build a fun, funky and cohesive team and work environment, and respect those around us in both work and play, and always remain open to suggestions and change.


At AMPED, we are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated.  So, support your local business and work with an ‘Adventure Travel Specialist’ who knows what Kiwi’s want when traveling abroad skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and touring.

AMPED, proudly looking after kiwi travelers!




UNEXPECTED FEES – When booking over the Internet, clients often purchase products in a foreign currency. Remember: your credit card or direct debit card provider will use a lesser rate of exchange, so the end cost will be more than you possibly expected. Also, you will most likely incur some fairly hefty fees on those purchases as well as the inferior bank rate.

PRODUCT SELECTION RISK – There is no guarantee that you are booking the right product for your needs. It has never been truer than the quote ‘you get what you pay for’, and unfortunately, booking your ski and snowboarding holiday over the Internet is no exception to that rule.

LACK OF SUPPORT – When booking over the Internet, remember you are then left on your own without anyone to provide you with support or advice should you require it at any stage. The Internet can be an all care, no responsibility attitude, and once they have your money, their service stops there.

ITS NOT GOING TO BE ANY CHEAPER – At AMPED, we deal directly with the suppliers and have heavily reduced, negotiated deals for this part of the world. Combined with our service levels, and professional advice and after sales support, you will not pay anymore when you book with us here at AMPED.

INFERIOR OFFERINGS AIR – An issue with booking your flights over the Internet can be that the search engines can often come up with flights that are not necessarily the most direct options, or sometimes have you sitting in transit for hours without realizing what it is that you have booked. Sometimes spending an extra $20-50 is well worth it when you consider the pain of sitting in an airport for 3-6 hours, all just to save a few small dollars.

INFERIOR OFFERINGS LAND – Booking a hotel on the Internet is very risky. After all, you are relying on a write up of offerings, and often it is the suppliers bias advise that you are taking. Booking with AMPED takes this risk away, as we have sampled the products, and know which ones first hand are actually offering what it is that they say they are.

LACK OF COHESION – When you book on line, you are often booking with various different suppliers, and none of whom are aware of what other plans are on your itinerary. Booking with AMPED, we offer a cohesive travel itinerary assuring our customers that all the components of your holiday are arranged in unison to ensure that your travel itinerary runs smoothly.