Meet AMPED’s ‘Kiwi’ founder and creator, Shona Bracey.  An experienced, qualified and knowledgeable travel professional who shares the same passion about Skiing, Snowboarding, and adventure holidays around the world, as those of our customers.

Shona has been involved in the New Zealand Travel Industry for over 30 years, and brings a wealth of industry and experiential knowledge, that is paramount when running and adventure travel business, and delivering a seamless and highly professional service-based business.

“If you call AMPED, there’s a good chance it will be me you’re talking with directly. I’m passionate about snow travel and am proud to play a big part in helping our clients find an amazing travel deal. Thanks for visiting us and hope to speak with you soon.”

Snow Beach Steve

Steve boasts an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the travel industry, making him a veritable expert in curating memorable getaways. Since 2003, he has honed his specialization in both ski and dive holidays, combining his passion with his vocation.

Having personally ventured to over 40 ski resorts across Canada, the USA, and Japan, Steve brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge to every travel recommendation he makes. His unparalleled experience enables him to meticulously tailor each holiday package, ensuring not only an exceptional experience but also outstanding value for his clients.

“I’m passionate about travel and have a lifetime of experiences to draw on, from visiting Peace Park in Nagasaki as a child, kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, diving with saltwater crocodiles in the Solomon Islands, singing in front of a large audience in Moscow, catching a blue marlin in Palau and exploring vast underground cave systems in Borneo.  Skiing highlights include a magic powder day at Kirkwood, South Lake Tahoe; skiing 41kms in one day at Shiga Kogen; and many family ski holidays throughout North America”.

Why Choose AMPED?

At AMPED we have made it our business to personally travel to the destinations that you have talked and dreamed about. Therefore, uniquely able to offer our customers first-hand tips, tricks, and insider information to ensure you sample the very best resorts and experiences, all suited to your individual wants and needs.

Furthermore, we hold direct relationships with our suppliers of air travel, ski/snowboarding, and adventure products, thus giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the products that we sell.

AMPED are Proud ‘Members’ of Global Travel Network (GTN), New Zealand’s Largest Affiliate Travel Associations, which is 50% owned by House of Travel Holdings, and fully accredited with IATA and TAANZ.

Our Core Values

AMPED core values represent the way we do business, why we are in the business that we are in, and why we are the best at what we do!

To Be Genuine and True:

We will only ever be honest and true to ourselves, each other, and to our clients.

To Go the Extra Mile:

At AMPED we strive for excellence and are therefore bound by our desire to satisfy, go beyond the call of duty, to ensure every customer experience with us is a positive one.

Customer Value:

We will strive to look for ways to add value for our client’s experiences, and always negotiate the best deal available.

To Always Be Straight Up:

We are committed to being open and honest with our clients, business partners and team members, we have nothing to hide; we are trustworthy.

A Cohesive Team is King:

As the old saying goes ‘There is no I in Team’. Therefore, at AMPED, we will strive to build a fun, funky and cohesive team and work environment, and respect those around us in both work and play, and always remain open to suggestions and change.

We Know What We Are Doing!

‘AMPED’ Trusted Travel Professionals – we will save you time, money, and frustration!


So many options for booking on ‘the net’ nowadays and the offers seem so amazing.  But believe us, at AMPED we too have incredibly good deals, and often better value, more flexible, and more reputable, alongside receiving our services for free!

Therefore, if you see something you like, then ask us, as our reach is huge!  Remember, your holiday is a huge investment in both time and money, and you want to get it right. So, having a trustworthy, accredited travel partner on your side can literally be the difference between a memorable holiday vs a disastrous one.

Book with AMPED and avoid the following when booking with an unknown, offshore entity:

  • Unexpected Fees
  • Product Selection Risk
  • Lack of Support
  • Having to Pay 100% Up Front
  • Lack of A Trustworthy Travel Partner
  • The Risk of Losing Your Money
  • Spending Days or Weeks Trawling Through Options
  • Lack Of Cohesion When Dealing With Multiple Different Entities
  • Booking Wrong Flights and Flying For Hours More Than Necessary